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January 26, 2019

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July 23, 2018

Hi babies! Welcome back to my blog! This is your favorite fashion-tech blogger and YouTuber Yarina! If you like fashion and technology don’t forget to subscribe my channel and my blog. I share lots of news, tips and reviews every week! Today I've partnered with Beats b...

April 2, 2018

I feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to attend 2018 SXSW in Austin. It was a really meaningful experience because I learned so much from this trip. As a fashion-tech influencer and entrepreneur, I have to be humble and social at the same time. Knowledge can imp...

October 21, 2017

Photos by Athena

I was born in August so I guess summer represents me. My personality is like summer, passionate, hot, energetic and all my friends know that I would rather be sweaty but not wearing too heavy coat. LOL. This year the blue and red combination is super tr...

August 17, 2017

Photographer: Giann Enid & Frank

One day in July, I finally decided to visit the famous Desert X located in Palm Springs. It's a site-specific, contemporary art exhibition that was built in the Coachella Valley from February 25 - April 30th 2017. It was formed by Desert...

August 10, 2017

Photographer: Joanne Garcia

One day in July, I went to visit LACMA in Los Angeles. It was one of the Tuesdays that they have the free visiting day. I thought it could be a good day for absorbing some art. 

If you have been following my social media, especially Instagram,...

August 2, 2017


I know that teeth whitening is always a problem for girls. As a coffee lover, I drink two cups of coffee almost everyday. One cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon! I am also a wine lover! Then I found a fact...

June 29, 2017

When people tell me lip plumping I always just thought of lip injection which is the one Kylie Jenner did. I always want to try, but God knows me, I am scared of needle SO FREAKING MUCH so I don't think I could ever do that. But thank God you know me well, so you let m...

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