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The Duo Behind Fashion Tech Connect Shares Their Strategy (Coveteur)

Buyers, editors, designers—these are often the buzzier job titles of the fashion industry, the ones that little girls and boys write on the slot for “dream job” in elementary school. But for every buyer, there is an e-commerce specialist coordinating the site, for every editor, a data analyst managing traffic statistics. These behind-the-scenes roles are high-power jobs that, as the digital sphere continues to expand, will evolve exponentially over time. They are also rarely filled by women of color.

That’s where Stephanie Horton and Stacie Henderson come in. The two fashion industry veterans have stacked résumés, to say the least. Horton’s includes stints at Vogue, The New York Times, Alexander Wang, and Google. After a stint in consumer goods followed by an MBA, Stacie Henderson then shifted into fashion, working in marketing across multiple continents at companies including Ferragamo, Versace, and The Communications Store. Horton worked in tech positions disguised by companies known for their fashion like Farfetch and Shopbop, while Henderson watched firsthand as the whole marketing sector unprecedentedly shifted into the digital sphere.

The full article read on The Coveteur

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