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How Technology Is Helping Luxury Fashion Brands Gain Traction (Forbes)

Overall, the advent of technology marked a new dawn for the entire world. Clearly, the reality of life has never been the same since advancements in technology have become part of our everyday lives. Nevertheless, and on a positive note, it continues to change and evolve for the betterment of mankind. In a sense, technology has developed life into a fine balance of convenience and production. The result being that we now have the ability to complete da-to-day tasks more rapidly and with much less effort.

Luxury fashion houses such as Chanel and Balmain are particularly attuned to this moment, as the progression of technology promises to imbue delivering excellent customer service as well as a luxurious shopping experience. More to the point, popular fashion luxury brands have raked in billions of dollars in revenue with the aide of technological advancements. This is great for business, as it enables expert salesmen (available at the experience centers) to ensure that prospects move forward with respect to consumer purchasing power. Having recently completed the first-ever remote fashion week, I decided to start off this years review with a focus on advancements in technology.

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