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Chocolate Milk Forever, Fall/Winter Style

Happy holidays babes! How's everyone's Christmas? I had a great one! Since it was a Friday so I decided to spent it for the whole weekend haha. Had so much good food and laughs with friends and families. One little fun story for you guys! My friends and I were playing the white elephant game and one of them got my gift. It was an "iPhone 11pro" and she was so surprised and excited. After she opened the box her face turned from 😃to 😵 because there were chocolates laying inside the box instead of a real iphone lol. I LOVE CHOCOLATES COME ON GUYS! hahaha

Anyways back to the style, this was one of my Christmas party looks I really enjoyed. I just kinda figured sometimes you don't have to wear red or green for the Christmas. This chocolate brown is my fav color this winter. (see I told you I love chocolates!🍫) This color itself delivers that warm and sweet vibe just like drinking a cup of chocolate milk that everyone loves to do at a winter night. The design of the dress is very simple. A bodycon dress can always show off a woman's nice figure no matter what body type you have. That's why I love it very much. Of course the texture of the dress is made by knitting and it's very warm to wear.


Dress is from Privacy Please. Shop my looks on Revolve






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