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Another Beautiful Day, Another Good Workout

Since becoming a fitness coach, gym clothes is my uniform everyday. When I used to work in the office, I always had to think what to wear to work. Now I feel so good to just put on workout clothes and go. They make me feel so comfortable and more confident. A good set of gym wear will highlight your nice body shape, of course will also motivate me to workout harder to look better in those tight leggings haha.

This set I am wearing is from Firmabs. The army green color is such a good one for the fall and the winter season. As we all know the first impression of the army green color is military. It inspires me to workout harder than ever. The Cargo V Waist Leggings have nailed both of style and fit. Classic cargo style pockets to the side and hip. The high rise fit and flatlock seams to ensure comfort and shape. Plus, the stretchy and comfortable fabric makes me be more than ready for any workout.

The Scoop Neck Sports Bra can put pressure on both sides of the waist and abdomen to tighten and stabilize core muscles, give me a workout bra perfect for any training.


Buy the Cargo V Waist Leggings and the Scoop Neck Sports Bra here. They have 4 color options!

Black Friday Exclusive Codes:

YA10 (10% off for all) YA15 (15% off over 3 items) YA20 (20% off over 4 items) YA25 (25% off over 7 items)



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