L.A. Sunset

If you ask me what's my favorite city? Los Angeles it is. This city is full of good energy, good people and good food. I am never a east coast person because I love warm weather. Palm trees everywhere is something other cities can never beat. Taking a walk on the L.A streets are one of my fav things to do.

A simple and causal tank is the typical L.A style. If you go to L.A this is something every girl will wear on the streets.


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I used to hate skirts or dresses with the cross the knees length because I felt like that was a super awkward length like only moms would wear to grocery shopping. BUT I started to develop an obsession of the mid length style. It can be chic, casual or stylish depends on what you style with. For example, I simply styled the skirt with the tank top makes the whole look very effortlessly chic.


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Love you babes I will see you next post!

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