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Curb Your Fast Fashion Habit With These Sustainable Brands(Forbes)

Amanu was founded by celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson as a way to bring a personal, one-on-one connection back to the process of designing and purchasing shoes. With cobblers onsite to create custom sandals in just a few minutes, customers are able to receive top quality shoes that are created sustainably and with no waste. Patrickson explains that “one of the reasons I started Amanu was the zero waste aspect. We have no finished inventory, so we have zero waste, everything is made to order. We use hides that are going into landfills, all our leathers are vegetable dyed. By making the sandals by hand we cut out emissions and help our customers to consume consciously.”

Amanu has introduced online customization options to further their reach and adapt during the coronavirus pandemic, but the online experience is equally sustainable, and Patrickson hopes that by creating high quality custom shoes, customers will wear their pieces for longer, challenging the fast fashion practices of so many consumers. “As an industry it's imperative we change our practices,” Patrickson says. “Fashion is the second dirtiest industry after oil and to make the changes necessary to change our planet we have to alter the way we consume. Fast fashion has no place in this current climate.

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