The Future Of Fashion Caters To The Home-Bound Customer(Forbes)

Forget power suits, haute couture and evening gowns. This season’s hottest trends are oversized t-shirts, pajamas and loungewear. With most consumers working from home and not going out to concerts, clubs or events, fashion has also had to pivot. And catering to home-bound customers is likely to last for a while.

What’s Happening Right Now: The Changing Shopping Trends

  • In the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of pants dropped 14% across all retailers, while sales of tops increased. The reason is simple: with more people working from home and communicating via video, workers only need to look professional from the waist up. Unlike when working in the office, wearing sweat pants with a blouse is completely acceptable at home.

  • Others changes to shopping trends include a 143% increase in pajama sales in March and a 13% decline in the sale of bras. Clearly, people are staying home and staying comfortable.

  • To match changing shopping trends, retailers have beenadjusting their marketing and inventory to cater to at-home consumers. Rent the Runway added sections for “Night In” and “Perfect Zoom Tops,” and Nordstrom emailed customers about “Cute shoes to wear at home or around the block.”

In the future of fashion, brands will find innovative ways to make customers feel stylish, confident and comfortable, no matter if they are strutting down the runway or working from the couch.

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