What Fashion And Beauty Needs To Know About Reels(Vogue Business)

The day Instagram launched Reels, its new TikTok-style video feature, creator Gabby Murray posted a video wearing an Ivory Ella T-shirt. It gathered 17 million views in the first 24 hours, per Murray’s agency. On TikTok, where Murray had posted the same video, it has 2.1 million views in three days.

Reels has been criticised as a copycat feature, but it could hold massive potential for fashion brands, which have only started to warm up to TikTok. Ivory Ella, popular among TikTok’s influencers, is one of the platform’s most-followed fashion brands, with 400,000 followers. Reels’s reach could attract the attention of popular influencers and shift brand priorities back to Instagram.

“This will go down as a historical moment for her and us and the brand,” says Brian Mandler, co-founder of TikTok-focused agency The Network Effect, which works with both Murray and Ivory Ella. While views on both platforms are meaningful, he says, the Instagram Reels views expose Murray to a new audience.

Instagram Reels lets users create and share 15-second videos; users can enhance them with music, augmented reality or by splicing clips together. Last week, Instagram expanded it to 50 countries, including the US, UK, Japan and Australia, after testing it in Germany, France, India and Brazil. The push comes as rival TikTok, the fastest-growing social media network of all time, faces a potential US ban that would disrupt its potential for brand partnerships. For brands or users hesitant to invest in the platform, or creators anxious that they will lose their audience, Reels offers a potential safety net.

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