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Virtual Try-On Is Catching On Among Fashion Consumers(Glossy)

Sunglasses brand Bollé is one of several retailers that had an AR plan in the works well before March and are now taking advantage of the opportunity to lean on the technology.

In June, Bollé introduced a “Try-On, Try-Out” feature in partnership with AR firm QReal and consultancy M7 Innovations. The tool lets customers demo Bollé’s Phantom lens in two ways: A selfie-style option allows them to see how they would look wearing the lenses and the company’s Chronoshield frames. The other option provides the effect of looking through the lenses. Users can use the AR filter to simulate how the lens’ high contrast, anti-fog and photochromatic features perform in real time, in a variety of environments.

The timing of the launch worked in Bollé’s favor. “Covid hit, and all of a sudden, customers didn’t want to touch anything, including glasses that had been tried on by somebody else,” said Chris Abbruzzese, vp of trade marketing for North America for Bolle Brands. “[Enter] this idea of trial without touching, and it all accelerated from there.”

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