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H&M: A Human Touch Despite Social Distancing(Sportswear International)

Even in these times of social distancing, fast fashion group H&M wants to create closeness, even if only digitally.

With the Wearable Tech collection the H&M Lab Germany has developed a technology that turns fashion into a medium for emotions. The first product is a denim jacket with flexible sensors and tactile elements that are incorporated into the shoulder sections.

The concept: garments equipped with sensors imitate human touch and give the wearer the feeling of being ‘hugged’ or ‘cuddled’–despite physical distance. The technology inside the wearable love jacket was developed in cooperation with Berlin start-up Boltware. That offers a platform that allows analog clothes to be transformed into modern tech devices.

The Boltware device consists of a puck and a base, which function as a digital heart and headpiece. The removable puck is charged via a charging cradle and has a battery life of up to two weeks. The so-called base is permanently integrated into the respective garment. Thus the puck can be docked to different pieces of clothing.

The full article read on the Sportswear International

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