How Is Technology Helping Fashion Lifestyle Brands Connect To Their Human Side(Forbes)

Be human or go home! These words seem to resonate with consumers these days. Although fashion (technological) advancement and its increased adoption thereof may seem to threaten the importance of human interactions, it is most certainly not the goal. The aim of technology is to facilitate the lifestyle of mankind by helping people stay connected irrespective of physical location or difference in time zones. Through the use of technology, consumers are now able to form deep connections with a fashion brand. Different from the past, it now matters less where you are physically and geographically. In fact, with access to technology, you can now connect with virtually anyone, carry out complex research and make purchasing decisions in the blink of an eye.

Technology is undoubtedly the new way of living. Hence, lifestyle brands must now look to technology to show the brand’s human side. In order for a brand to survive today, it must have a well-developed site and direct to consumer relationship. As COVID-19 has swept across the globe and forced people to work from home, it has pushed brands to connect their technology with the human side.

Technology is not a one-sided solution