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Live Streaming: Luxury’s New Tech Gamble(Vogue Business)

Luxury e-tailer Moda Operandi will debut a new video shopping feature, Moda Live, this week with a 30-minute live stream hosted by designer Johanna Ortiz, showcasing her Resort collection of party dresses from her Colombian base.

Moda Operandi’s business, hosting intimate designer trunk shows and private showroom visits in-person and online, are partly on hold due to the pandemic. The live stream will be open to the public via Moda Operandi’s website, with viewers able to comment and interact similar to an Instagram Live, and shop products on the screen. The video, and the items for sale, will be accessible as long as the pre-sale is active on the site.

Live-stream video shopping, a $4.4 billion market as of 2018, has been popular in China for years. This year, it reached half a billion people — or 62 per cent of the country’s total internet users — and has become a key driver of e-commerce sales. But while Western luxury brands have experimented with live streams in those markets through platforms like Tmall, it took a pandemic for them to try it with customers in Western markets.

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