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Hard-hit Fashion Industry Is Turning To ‘Virus-Fighting’ Fabrics

Antiviral fashion seems like an inevitability.

Denim brands are developing jeans that use cutting-edge antimicrobial technologies to help protect wearers from the spread of coronavirus, while still looking stylish.

On Thursday, Diesel, which is worn by celebrities including Justin Bieber and Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, announced the introduction of an ultra-innovative denim treatment that physically “halts” 99% of any viral activity on fabrics.

Part of luxury retail specialist OTB Group, Diesel will implement the ViralOff technology, developed in partnership with Swedish chemicals company Polygiene POLYG, -0.42%, across a selection of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 denim styles, which will go on sale in mid-January.

Diesel has exclusive rights worldwide to apply the treatment on any denim fabrics, a spokesperson told MarketWatch. The brand said the technology is “always on,” and has the capacity to disable more than 99% of viral activity within two hours of contact between pathogens and fabric. It works by interacting with key proteins, inhibiting the virus from attaching to textile fibers.

The full article read on the Market Watch

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