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Sustainable and Conscientious Jewelry Brands:  Shiny and Progressive

We are continually looking for jewelry brands that prioritize worker rights, keep the environmental impact minimal, and helped the community. The new generation is more involved with social, political, and environmental issues. Thus, it has become more challenging to find a brand that can breathe beauty and life to a sheet of metal, without having to resort to illegal and unethical business practices. Of course, we expect to remain sustainable while flaunting our accessories.

Our team selected five jewelry brands, all of which are passionate about delivering sustainable development in the jewelry and accessories business. They also steadily build a positive working environment for all its partners or employees.


Evermee is a jewelry brand that produces smart locket jewelry with the guarantee that they use ethically resourced materials. They also maintain healthy working conditions and fair pay for its employees, while ensuring community respect, protection of biodiversity, and the natural environment. Moreover, Aurate also claims that they use 100% recycled silver to run a carbon-neutral business.

Design-wise, Evermee draws inspiration from creating and cherishing memories together with your loved ones. If you like stylish, meaningful, technology-integrated, and sustainable pieces of jewelry, Evermee can deliver classy and timeless looks.

Starfish Project

The Starfish Project started when a man asked a young boy how he can make a difference by throwing about a thousand starfish on the shore. The boy responded “I made a difference on that one,” as he tossed one more.

Starfish Project helps create a difference by helping exploited women. They also hire them so they may rebuild their confidence and pursue their passion. Not only this, but Starfish Project also provides these trafficked women education, counseling, and shelter. A brand that helps uplift the women truly deserves to be considered in your next jewelry purchase.


Soko is a jewelry company that prides itself on being a certified B-Corp for valuing cause and profit equally. Soko makes sure that the people who work tirelessly to bring you quality jewelry, their artisan partners, are paid fairly. Unlike capitalist jewelry brands, they provide a salary five times more than the average workshop. As a women-led company, they also help uplift women.

In terms of design, Soko produces jewelry pieces that are inspired by tribal patterns and architectural beauties. The brand has an overall minimalist aesthetic.

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages, a delegate of the fair trade movement, proudly guarantees that the maker in their “maker to market” scheme receives proper income.

They also have relevant contributions to the environment. Ten Thousand Villages prioritize using recycled and renewable materials for their items. They also use locally sourced materials to cut their ecological footprint.

If you purchase from this brand, you are not only supporting fair trade but also aid in cultural preservation. The skills and techniques of their artisans, seen in their crafts and products, were passed on from the past generations.

Bario Neal

Bario Neal is the product of the Anna Bario and Page Neal's vision. They wanted to create a company that produces jewelry with a story to tell. They also wanted to create a brand that adheres to the moral duty of ensuring that they source materials conscientiously.

If you hate throwing money on greedy capitalists, then consider Bario Neal. They promote ethical mining and supports small-scale miners and artisanal.

As a bonus point, aside from their stunning hand-made accessories, they also accept custom made jewelry requests. Now, what is stopping you?

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