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This Fashion Designer Used Tech To Create A Virtual 3D Fashion Show (GQ)

Covid-19 has impacted countless industries around the world, but one that felt the immediate effects of store closures and social distancing restrictions was the fashion industry. Even now, as restrictions ease and many begin the long-awaited return to work, those within the fashion world are still grappling with how to move forward amidst the pandemic. Fashion week has been cancelled, along with the runway shows planned to take place around the main event. Designers are struggling with low sales due to the current economic climate, and it seems most are now turning to season-less collections. Unquestionably, Covid-19 has rattled the fashion world and those that will emerge from this time successfully will be those with a keen eye for problem-solving. And on that note, Anifa Mvuemba is leading the charge with her label, Hanifa.

New York Fashion Week was going to be a memorable moment for Mvuemba. The founder of Hanifa, Mvuemba was looking forward to holding her first runway show at this year’s event in New York but like countless other designers, those plans were shelved when Covid-19 forced cancellation. But with a strong collection that deserved a moment in the spotlight, Mvuemba came up with a new strategy to unveil her latest designs to the world: a virtual 3D fashion show.

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这位时装设计师使用技术来创建虚拟 3D时装秀(GQ)

Covid-19 已影响了全球无数行业,但受到关闭商店和社交距离限制的直接影响的一个行业是时装行业。即


时装周已经取消,计划随着主要活动进行的时装秀也将被取消。 由于当前的经济形势,设计师们一直在努

力降低销售量,现在看来大多数人都转向了无季节的产品系列。毫无疑问,Covid-19 震撼了时尚界,从那

时起成功的人将是那些热衷解决问题的人。就此而言,Anifa Mvuemba 领导着自己的品牌Hanifa 应对得


对于Mvuemba 来说,纽约时装周将是一个难忘的时刻。Hanifa 的创始人Mvuemba 期待在今年的纽约

活动中举行自己的首次时装秀,但与其他设计师一样,当 Covid-19 被迫取消时,这些计划被搁置了。但

是,凭借当之无愧的精彩系列,Mvuemba 提出了一项新策略,向世界展示她的最新设计:虚拟 3D时装



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