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Stella Jean Speaks Out About Racism Within The Fashion Industry (Harpers Bazaar)

Stella Jean has spoken out about the racism she has witnessed when working as a black fashion designer in Italy. The Milan Fashion Week regular says that we have been given an opportunity at this unique moment in history to create significant change.

Jean has been presenting her collections in Milan for years, but chose in February to step off the schedule in favour of putting out a short film and photography project entitled Italians In Becoming, in which she highlighted multicultural Italy and 20 women of colour, who vocalised racist comments that had been directed at them.

She said that she decided not to show last season "since the situation was no longer acceptable".

The full article read on the Harpers Bazaar

Stella Jean 在时装界讲种族主义(Harpers Bazaar)

Stella Jean 讲述了她在意大利担任黑人时装设计师时所看到的种族主义。米兰时装周常客说,我们在历史


Jean 多年来一直在米兰展示自己的作品集,但在二月份选择推迟日程,转而开展名为“ Italians In

Becoming”的短片和摄影项目,其中她着重介绍了多元文化的意大利和 20 位有色人种,这些人遭遇了针



原文Harpers Bazaar

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