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Nike By You Workshop

Composed of 3 artists who works with artificial intelligence to create

art. After the success of their first series of classical portraits, one of

which was sold in a major auction house for 432 500$, they made a

series of Japanese Ukiyo prints, also created using AI. Besides using

technology to reinterpret the world's art heritage, they encourage the

use of AI for creative purposes, in art as well as other industries such

as fashion, design, architecture and so on.

Obvious has been selected for the Nike By You Workshop to imagine

the vision of the city of Paris, a futuristic vision through a new

colorway of an iconic Nike Pair, the Nike Air Max 97

Many colors have taken turn on the most emblematic Nike models, in

order to match our daily styles. For the first time, we fed Artificial

Intelligence with thousands of sneakers, spotted on Parisian people.

The AI created this unique model inspired by decades of history of

Nike sneakers. One model to rule them all, and using technology bind


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