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The Future of Fashion Showrooms Is Digital and Immersive(WWD)

As the fashion industry continues to change dramatically, focus on sustainability and cost-saving strategies have become pertinent. Further propelled by the coronavirus pandemic, technology has undoubtedly garnered heightened attention in the last few years. And in a very real need for the fashion industry to explore more sustainable approaches to travel, the idea of virtual showrooms and B2B wholesale platforms have been especially intriguing.

Virtual reality can remove many limitations of using a physical showroom, overcoming the usual restraints and challenges of space, configuration, seasonal communication and significant related costs. In a recent report by WWD, it was said that the “implementation of virtual showrooms and live-streaming, which are already defining the shopping experience in China, will become the new standard.” These tools will enhance the proactive approach for digital sales and even keep customers updated with a brand’s latest news.

Still, in this new digital world, it remains important to keep a sense of connectivity and personalization. New technology by BrandLab Fashion offers to do just that. The B2B digital wholesale platform has developed technology to recreate brand showrooms using virtual reality. In these 360-degree showrooms, collections can be presented in almost any environment to communicate.

The full article read on the WWD

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