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Shopping Habits Of Generation Z Could Spell End Of Fast Fashion(The Guardian)

With the high street and the fashion industry brought to its knees by the coronavirus pandemic, the ‘buy less, buy better’ ideology of generation Z – those aged 18 to 24 – could see the beginning of the end of fast fashion, new research suggests.

If generation Z’s habits are adopted by the population as a whole there could be a shift to consumers with a “divided wardrobe” – featuring rented items and others bought from resale vendors – becoming the new normal.

The research, carried out on behalf of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA) found from polling that during the pandemic, 28% of people are recycling or reusing more clothes than normal and 35% of women intend to buy fewer clothes in the future. The RSA is calling on the government to invest in sustainable fashion and manufacturers to be more responsible, following the research.

The RSA are also asking for enforced standards around how durable clothes are, plus a push towards a more circular localised economy within fashion.

This emphasis on sustainability, non mass-produced goods and uniqueness mirrors the consumer values of the younger generation whose attitude towards fashion has been shaped by the “Blue Planet effect”.

“Generation Z is discerning,” says Jeff Froom, co-author of Marketing to Gen Z. “[They’ve] grown up with more access to information from more sources than ever before. Inequality, climate change and LGBTQ+ rights are topics they’ve heard about for years.”

Kati Chitrakorn, retail and marketing editor at Vogue Business, said: “For today’s kids fashion is less about fitting in and more about making choices that reflect their own identity.”

The full article read on The Guardian

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