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Amazon’s Big Breakthrough Into Designer Fashion(Vogue Business)

First Amazon, Vogue and the CFDA partnered up to launch Common Threads, a designated space of smaller luxury clothing and accessory brands. Now the British Fashion Council is also planning a tie-up with Amazon to sell the designs of young British talent.

The partnerships “can help smaller and some bigger brands that have lost massively”, says Nimi Raja, a London-based brand strategist whose own label, Rani by Raja, is one of the British brands in discussions with Amazon and the BFC on a planned digital storefront. Designers, including Raja, Jonathan Cohen and Adam Lippes say that the involvement of industry leaders like Vogue, the CFDA and the BFC lend credibility to Amazon’s platform.

The partnerships come as part of Amazon’s global push to sell luxury clothing, as it rushes to compete against other tech companies to become the platform of choice at a time when the industry is desperate to digitise. The multinational giant is in discussions with British designers, facilitated through the BFC, to use Amazon Fashion and Amazon Launchpad, a discovery platform, to sell their collections. Additionally, the BFC’s website will host a platform set to debut this June for London Fashion Week that will feature a variety of functions, including interviews, wholesaling and a digital storefront, but the BFC has been tight-lipped on Amazon Launchpad’s specific role. Other tech rivals, including Google, YouTube and Instagram, are also working with the BFC.

Common Threads and the BFC partnership are a coup for Amazon, which has tried for years to become a destination not just for apparel, but for higher-margin designer fashion. Some see it as a lifeline to access Amazon’s customer base — there are 112 million Amazon Prime members in the US alone — a potential saviour for designers struggling with unsold stock, cancelled orders and store closures. The company, which accounts for almost 40 per cent of US e-commerce spend and reported net income of $2.5 billion in the first three months of 2020, also donated $500,000 to A Common Thread, the CFDA and Vogue’s Covid-19fundraising and storytelling initiative. (Vogue and Vogue Business share a parent company, Condé Nast.)

“The industry is a hot mess, and they need help,” says Raja, who has worked with the likes of Balmain and Moncler.

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