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Investigating The Fashionable Masks Of The Future(i-D)

From Berlin to New York, face masks are not only a sign of respect for public health but are increasingly becoming mandatory during our current global health crisis. Because of this, conversations around the future of facial protection and how to quickly provide safe solutions for the masses have already begun. Some are leaning towards the face shield, to prevent the spread of coronavirus as we ease social restrictions around the world.

This report, published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, suggests that companies like Apple and Nike have already started producing face shields. This is also true of emerging designers, who are beginning to reimagine the face shield for the luxury fashion market in an effort to make personal protective equipment (PPE) more wearable. With a simulation study on inhalation exposure to influenza virus finding that face shields reduce immediate viral exposure by 96% (when worn by a simulated healthcare worker within 18 inches of a cough), it’s easy to see why. However, it’s important that all studies be taken into consideration before moving from masks to face shields and to always follow medical advice.

The full article read on the i-D

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