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Blind Dating Reinvented - Tinder Meets Zoom In The Dating World

Dating app Blindlee sends you on blind dates - just like Netflix’s most talked-about series

Love Is Blind

London, UK -​ ​Blindlee,​ a recently launched video dating app, helps its users find love by

primarily relying on personality and the general vibe rather than the sole physical appearance.

The app puts a refreshing twist on the modern-day dating apps making it easier to connect on a

deeper initial level.

Enough swiping. Blindlee connects singles​ (who match on certain criteria) ​on a 3-minute blurred

video call before a match happens. The users have to see if they get on before they lay eyes on

each other online. The app is female-friendly as the women control the blur feature. There are

also fun ice-breakers to talk about. After the video call, the app asks the users if they enjoyed

the date and if they both say yes then they get matched!

“We’re focusing on blind dating which is a subset of dating so you can say that indirectly rather

than directly we are competing with the big dating apps. This is more niche and is definitely a

new, untried concept to the dating world,” says Sacha Nasan, co-founder of Blindlee. “However,

the good thing about dating apps is that they are not substitutes but complements.”

Blindlee, even though still in its infancy, is quickly picking up interest not only in the UK, but

many other countries as well. So far the app has been featured in ​Forbes​,​ ​Marie Claire

Magazine​,​ ​Esquire,​ the​ W​

SJ,​ ​TechCrunch​, ​Gizmodo ​ ​and​ ​Vox.

"This new dating app is basically Love Is Blind but in real life"​ - Marie Claire Magazine

The London-based startup was founded by two young entrepreneurs Sacha Nasan and Glenn

Keller in October 2019 Inspired by their cousin’s unpleasant experience where her date turned

out to be much older than he’d presented himself in his photos on a dating app, Sacha and

Glenn decided to found Blindlee and make online dating more transparent, safer, but also fun.

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