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Paris Defines Its Digital Fashion Week Plan (Vogue)

As fashion weeks around the world begin to transition to digital-only formats amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, French fashion’s governing body, has announced its plan for the menswear spring 2021 season. Originally slated for the end of June, Paris Fashion Week men’s will go forward with a video-only format from July 9 to 13. This digital-only week joins the calendar alongside digital iterations from London Fashion Week (June 12 to 14) and Milan Fashion Week (July 14 to 17).

Unlike London and Milan’s scheduled digital weeks, which are open to men’s and women’s designers to produce a wide range of online content, Paris’s will have a firmer structure focused solely on menswear brands and solely on video content.

The full article read on the Vogue


在 COVID-19 大流行期间,随着世界各地的时装周开始过渡到仅数字形式,法国时装管理机构联合会

(Fédérationde la Haute Couture et de la Mode)宣布了 2021 年春季男装计划。 原定于 6月底推出

的巴黎时装周男装,将从 7月 9日至 13 日以纯视频形式进行。这一纯数字周与其他数字活动伦敦时装周

(6月 12 日至 14日)和米兰时装周(7月 14 日至 17 日)一起提上了日程。



原文 Vogue

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