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Yuima Nakazato Offers Made-to-Order Garments Virtually (WWD)

Yuima Nakazato will today launch an online made-to-order program called Face to Face. The program allows customers to have a made-to-order garment without physically going out shopping via Nakazato’s web site at

The project enables the designer and client to cocreate a one-of-a-kind garment. The client will have a conversation with Nakazato online and then ship a white shirt of her or his own to his atelier in Tokyo. Having communicated with the client to reimagine it, Nakazato will then redesign and return it to them as a completely new garment.

Nakazato is offering this service in limited numbers, at no cost to the client.

An avant-garde designer, Nakazato is known for his experimental collections and challenging the way one thinks of clothing by creating revolutionary new fabrics from unusual sources.

The full article read on the WWD

Yuima Nakazato 提供虚拟定制服装(WWD)

Yuima Nakazato 今天启动了一个名为“Face to Face”的在线定制程序。 该程序允许客户购买定做的服

装,而无需通过Nakazato 的 store.yuimanakazato.com网站进行实体购物。

该项目使设计师和客户能够共同创作一件独一无二的服装。 客户将与Nakazato 在线交谈,然后将自己的

白衬衫运送到他在东京的工作室。与客户沟通以重新构想后,Nakazato 将进行重新设计,并将其作为全


Nakazato 正在免费提供此服务,数量有限。

Nakazato 是一位前卫的设计师,以其实验性系列着称,并通过从不寻常的来源中创造出革命性的新面料


原文 WWD

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