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Pura-Case By Carlo Ratti Uses Ozone To Purify Your Clothes From Virus And Bacteria(DesignBoom)

He COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways we never imaged. Our new normal sees us washing our hands constantly, cleaning everything obsessively and even being confined to our homes, learning through screens and becoming great chefs. But as time progresses and governments ease restrictions, designers around the world are coming up with new ideas to help us step into this new normality.

Designed by carlo ratti associati for tech startup scribit, pura-case is a battery-powered wardrobe purifier that uses ozone to help remove most micro-organisms, bacteria, and viruses from clothes. The portable wardrobe purifier allows users to hang up to four pieces inside the case where an air purification system cleans and deodorizes the fabrics. Although the project is currently developed as a prototype, the pura-case will be soon launched on kickstarter for those who are interested.

We know that viruses and bacteria can survive on clothes for long periods of time, posing a greater threat to those who are in constant contact with strangers. Pura-case uses ozone — a naturally-occurring triatomic form of oxygen (O3) commonly utilized in the health and textile industry to sanitize fashion items, objects and spaces — to stylize clothes while reducing the need for unnecessary washing and consumption of water. Employed together with public health guidelines of the WHO, pura-case can contribute to a more hygienic environment in the house.

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Carlo Ratti 的 Pura-Case 使用臭氧从病毒和细菌中净化你的衣服


新冠病毒大流行以我们从未想像的方式改变了我们的生活。 我们的新常态促使我们不断洗手,全神贯注地



pura-case 由 carlo ratti 协会为科技创业公司 scribit 设计,是一种电池供电的衣柜净化器,它使用臭氧来

帮助去除衣服上的大多数微生物、细菌和病毒。 便携式衣柜净化器允许用户在空气净化系统清洁和除臭织

物的情况下,在机箱内最多悬挂四件物品。 尽管该项目目前是作为原型开发的,但 pura-case 将很快在

kickstarter 上面向有兴趣的人推出。

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