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Fashion Brands Embrace 3D Design(Vogue Business)

In 2015, fashion brand manager Ben Demiri, industrial engineer Goncalo Cruz and Farfetch CEO José Neves co-founded PlatformE, a business to help brands implement made-to-order production. The software allowed customers to personalise products online using photorealistic 3D models, which were produced only after an order was placed. The London-based company attracted clients including Fendi, Dior and Sergio Rossi.

But the founders realised they spent considerable time helping clients implement digital design, and that there was a bigger use-case for these 3D tools. After working with the company, the innovation team at Kering (parent company to Gucci, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen), encouraged them to formalise this education process. The result is Ddigitt; a consultancy and 3D product creation studio to help fashion brands transition to 3D design. Kering is one of the first companies to sign on.

Digital design is emerging as a crucial lever for the industry. It allows brands to design items quickly and remotely; once created, 3D assets — which are three-dimensional, photorealistic digital models of products — can be used in myriad situations, from creating marketing materials and virtual showrooms to customer-facing e-commerce pages and augmented reality experiences. A digital supply chain is also seen as a way to decrease waste while increasing production speed, offering a win-win for companies working to become more sustainablewhile cutting costs.

The technology has been of increasing interest to the fashion industry, and use cases are proliferating. But the past two months have forced an urgency on digital design that didn’t previously exist. Now, brands are racing to understand and implement a technology that could allow them to continue operations at a time when draping physical fabric, shipping samples internationally and showing on a runway are at a standstill.

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时尚品牌拥抱 3D设计(Vogue Business)

2015 年,时装品牌经理 Ben Demiri,工业工程师Goncalo Cruz 和 Farfetch 首席执行官 José Neves 共

同创立了 PlatformE,旨在帮助品牌实施按订单生产。软件允许客户使用照片级逼真的 3D模型在线个性

化产品,这些模型仅在下订单后才生产。这家位于伦敦的公司吸引了 Fendi, Dior 和 Sergio Rossi 等客户。

但是创始人意识到他们花费了大量时间帮助客户实施数字设计,并且这些 3D工具的用例更大。 在与公司

合作之后,开云集团(Gucci,Balenciaga 和 Alexander McQueen 的母公司)的创新团队鼓励他们正式

开展这一教育过程。 结果是成立了一家咨询公司和 3D产品创建工作室Ddigitt;,以帮助时尚品牌过渡到


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