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Tommy Hilfiger Is Committed To Make Fashion More Eco-Friendly(Harper's Bazaar)

Earth Day might be over but that doesn’t mean living sustainably takes a break till the next year. When it comes to fashion, we can either purchase lasting, timeless pieces that can be styled in multiple ways (and never go out of trend), or opt for items that are made sustainably – even better if it ticks both boxes. And here’s where Tommy Hilfiger comes in.

Known for its time-honoured classics, Tommy Hilfiger has made a commitment to make fashion more environmentally friendly, not least in the form of its 100% recycled denim. Using an innovative technique that blends discarded cotton scraps found on fashion’s factory floors with the bed linens of the hotel industry, the brand’s denim uses less water and energy to make. Plus, the denims are stitched with thread made from recycled plastic bottles.

The full article read on the Harper's Bazaar

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