Designer Proposes Futuristic NIKE Skincare LED Mask to Encourage Self-Development(DesignBoom)

Korean concept designer min chang kim visualizes a futuristic NIKE wellness and cosmetic product — an LED skincare mask. In collaboration with PDF HAUS, a product design education institution, kim brings life to the idea of a product combining elements of the skincare industry, with the sporty CMF (color, material and finish) identity of NIKE. Unlike many of the emerging face mask and shield designs in response to COVID-19, this product provides a stylish experience and is finished in three color options — yellow, green and red.

Targeted to young adults in their 20s and 30s, the primary concept behind the design is to help users build confidence, self-development routine and management in their everyday lives.

The seamless skincare mask is comprised of four components — a sleek exterior plastic shell, a face cushion for comfort, ergonomic LED face pads and the rubber strap that wraps around the head. Internally, NIKE’s visual identity including the swoosh logo and the ‘just do it’ slogan can be found. As an add-on, the product also comes with a face massager, which takes inspiration from the soles of NIKE athletic shoes.