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Could Body Scanning Be The Future of Fashion? Industry Innovator Alvanon Believes So(FashionUnited)

Size and fit are among the top reasons customers return online orders, although they needn’t be. Nearly two decades ago technology innovator Alvanon began researching the possibilities to help standardize the selling of apparel online. Upholding the simple premise “let's look at the body that we are actually designing the goods on," Alvanon revolutionized mannequins based on authentic human anatomy and an intrinsic understanding of pattern making and garment production. Today, an array of internationally renowned brands, designers and retailers turn to Alvanon to ensure their products achieve the best possible fit.

FashionUnited spoke with Jonathan Wang, Executive Director, Research & Development at Alvanon, to explain the fundamentals of body scanning and why it is an essential tool for brands.

The perfect fitting jeans are just a body scan away. What do you make of this premise?

A close-to-perfect fitting jean could be a body scan away; this would depend on how much integration there is between the body scan and the brand that produces the jeans.

We at Alvanon use the data collected from body scanning in aggregate; for us, it’s more important to know how various body shapes work across different demographics and building a fit standard that works for the brand’s target market.

By utilizing the latest body scanners we can tell how a specific brand’s jeans may fit to different body shapes, but to get a “perfect” fit would require knowledge of the person’s fit preferences and also the brand’s fit intent.

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身体扫描能否成为时尚的未来? 行业创新者Alvanon 相信(FashionUnited)


开始研究帮助标准化在线服装销售的可能性。 Alvanon 秉承“让我们看看实际设计商品的主体”这一简单



FashionUnited 与 Alvanon 研究与开发执行总监 Jonathan Wang 进行了交谈,解释了人体扫描的基本原


原文 Fashion United

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