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Kickstarter Campaign Knitted Wearebles - Turnin Pixels Into Loops

Did you know that knitting machines were the first computers? It is simple - the knitting

machine translates a picture into pixels and turns them into knitted loops. The challenge,

however, is how to bring two totally different kinds of people (and industries) together. The

Portuguese-based company OFundamentO (FNDMT - Portuguese for TheFUNDAMENT)

found a way to make it happen, bringing together technologists and designers to work on the

creation of new products.


Nowadays, there are two main topics on our minds: digitization and sustainability. The new

awareness of sustainability has made us think and we simply don’t know how things get made


The question is - how can we combine those two together? There is an answer coming straight

from the traditional manufacturing industry in Portugal: let’s go back to the machines!

What else makes more sense than to go back to traditional craftsmanship and by simply

adding a new component: digital software updates - unleash a world of new possibilities?

Textile manufacturing machines have been the source of computing since several hundreds

years ago: a European-based company is simply bringing this knowledge back to the surface

- with a modern digital update!

“I want to show, how beautiful technology can be” - says Lisa Lang, the Founder of FNDMT.

Lisa Lang is an innovation powerhouse - not only is she one of FORBES Top 50 Women in

Tech, she also sits on advisory boards for creative industries and AI at the European


Walking the talk, Lisa Lang and her team have now created a wearable art capsule collection

- hacked on industrial machines, knitted with the most high-end knitting knowledge - fully

sustainable, high quality and perfect for everyone.

For this to be possible, Lang invited two European designers to access her hacked knitting

machines and turn their designs into wearable art: multisex, in different colors and shapes -

for your home, for your friends and family.


“The Knitting Project” invited two amazing artists, Anna Niestroj, a digital pattern designer

based in Berlin, and Graça Paz, a painter from Porto, to develop this textile experiment with

us. We are all united by the spirit of the women of Bauhaus, honoring their vanguard work in

design. 100 years later, here we are again: female artists hacking the machines, bringing art

and technology together and creating high-quality products proudly made in Europe.

Anna and Graça have created three exclusive patterns each, now turned into beautiful

jacquard knits in the shades of neon, pastel, and B&W. You can have knitted ponchos, scarfs,

cushions and throw blankets with these wonderful designs in the spirit of the Bauhaus.

Even though originally from Germany, Lang always wanted to make this wish come true in

Portugal: “everyone in the European and international textile industry knows: Portugal is the

best. The manufacturing industry is very-well known for its level of quality, reliability and deep

knowledge. Naturally, that’s where I moved - I always work with the best.”


To take this project further, Lisa Lang decided to launch a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN. This

campaign will be the first opportunity to highlight the vision of the company, building

momentum around the project while offering the World the chance of having wearable art in

first hand.

However, the “Knitting Project” is only the first of many projects that “oFundamento”, Lang’s

newly created Portuguese company, will hold. “At OFundamentO we believe in an

interdisciplinary approach to solving the issues of modern manufacturing, such as stock waste,

digitizing the back-end, education manufacturing workers on new technologies. We are

proving that is possible to create certified and sustainable products that are also beautiful and

unique by joining traditional craftsmanship together with high-end technology. The “Knitting

Project” is just the beginning”.

About OFundamentO: The New Age of Manufacturing

OFundamentO (FNDMT) was born to build, bringing together traditional craftsmanship with

high-end technology, we’re creating new smart and electronic enhanced textiles for B2B

customers. We’re making your ideas real - made in Europe, certified, sustainable and high


About Lisa Lang

Lisa Lang is a European entrepreneur, technologist and international keynote speaker. She

has gained recognition as one of Forbes Europe’s Top 50 Women in Tech, top 100 most

influential people in wearable tech worldwide, one of 25 leaders in fashion and technology

worldwide, and has been listed as one of the 50 most important women for innovation &

startups in the EU. Lisa Lang is a direct adviser for fashion, technology and entrepreneurship

for the European Commission. Since 2019 she’s the lead mentor for the new course of digital

fashion at Polimoda Florence.

Kickstarter 针织可穿戴设备-将像素变成循环

你知道编织机是第一台计算机吗? 很简单-编织机器将图片转换为像素,然后将其转换为编织循环。

但是,真正的挑战是如何将两种截然不同的人(和行业)聚集在一起。葡萄牙公司 OFundamentO

(FNDMT-TheFUNDAMENT 的葡萄牙语)找到了实现这一目标的方法,将技术人员和设计师召集在一起,







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