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Rothy’s New Bags Don’t Tackle the Larger Plastic Waste Problem, But I Can’t Help But Like Them! (Fas

Since launching the Flat, then the Point before adding the Loafer and then the Sneaker, Rothy’s has so far repurposed more than 15, 265.661 plastic water bottles. Now they have launched a handbag line. “It’s very important to our brand—to make sure we think not just about today, but five years from now and ten years from now,” said Erin Lowenberg, Rothy’s Creative Director.

In their eight-year history, the innovative brand has been quite successful their washable shoe made from single-use plastic water bottles. “We’ve been waiting to expand at the right time, knowing that we want to be more than just footwear,” Lowenberg said. “We want to be more than the front-of-the-closet shoe, [and] we want to bring the technology and the sustainability and the ethos of the brand to her life in new ways, and showing up for her with a new category like bags was kind of our logical, passionate next step.”

Being an authority in the recycled plastic realm, Rothy’s success is because they chose to do things a little differently like owning its factory. “From the beginning of our time as a company, we’ve been buying only what we feel really comfortable buying upfront and then replenishing based on demand, and will continue to do that with bags,” Lowenberg said. “And we can pivot into different categories and allocate resources that we already have. She’s definitely going to tell us right away.”

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Rothy’s 新手袋不会解决更大的塑料废物问题,但我还是喜欢他们! (FashNerd)

自从推出 Flat 鞋,Point 鞋,再加入 Loafer 鞋和运动鞋以来,Rothy's 至今已重新使用了 15265.661 个塑

料瓶。现在,他们推出了手袋系列。Rothy 的创意总监 Erin Lowenberg 说:“对我们的品牌而言,这非


在其八年的历史中,这个创新品牌已经非常成功地采用一次性塑料水瓶制成的可洗鞋。Lowenberg 说:“我




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