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How The Rich Are Protecting Themselves Against Coronavirus (Forbes)

Money cannot by immunity, but it can help stave it off. Here's how some are spending to both avoid and protect themselves against coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Lanserhof, a private medical facility at London's Arts Club, a private members club, has seen an 18% jump in the number of inquiries for its Immune Plus Support Infusion. The £300 ($387) session provides an IV infusion which contains a high dose of Vitamin C, as well as "immune-boosting amino acids and also Zinc which plays a crucial role in our immune system functioning well."

Just up the road in London's West End, Club 51, a private gym-come-health club, has issued advice to its clients about how best to protect themselves against viruses. "We produced a report for all of our clients on ten things you can do that can help protect your body against viruses in general," says Jon Denoris, Club 51's founder.

Programs like these are focused on boosting the body's immune system and are not specifically tailored against COVID-19. Club 51's programs are months-long and tailor-made to each client, combining diet, sleep, exercise with supplements like nootropics.

However, Lanserhof says a healthy immune system is the best weapon to fight off any kind of virus, "be that flu, COVID-19 or simply a cold.

"Weaker immune systems are more likely to develop secondary infections such as pneumonia, and thus supporting a strong and healthy immune system through good nutrition, plenty of sleep and exercise as well as IV infusions is key."

Paying To Avoid COVID-19

Immunity is one thing, but avoidance of the virus is better. Here, again, those with the means are taking extra precautions.

Private jet companies have reported a surge in business since the virus outbreak. Checking-in at private jet terminals and avoiding the circulated air of commercial airliners is a safer option if you really have to travel, as many business executives say they do.

Avoidance can also be bought for children. Tutors International, which provides elite private tuition services, says it has seen a "massive upswing in requests" since the coronavirus virus outbreak.

"We are putting extra resources into recruiting elite educators able to provide interim private tutoring," says its CEO, Adam Caller. Many of his clients are unable to return home, and others are affected by school closures and changes to examination schedules.

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Lanserhof 是伦敦艺术俱乐部(一个私人成员俱乐部)的私人医疗机构,其增强抵抗力点滴的咨询数量增

加了 18%。£300($ 387)的疗程提供了一种静脉输液,其中包含高剂量的维生素 C,以及“增强免疫力


在伦敦西区的路上,私人健身俱乐部健康俱乐部 51 俱乐部已就如何最好地保护自己免受病毒感染向客户

发出建议。Club 51 的创始人 Jon Denoris 表示:“我们为所有客户制作了一份报告,介绍了你可以采取


诸如此类的程序专注于增强人体的免疫系统,而不是专门针对 COVID-19 设计的。 Club 51 的课程为期


原文 Forbes

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