Hello Moto: The Return Of The Fashion Flip Phone (Ssense)

In 2014, paparazzi caught Rihanna on her way out of Da Silvano after dinner one evening—it wasn’t her Dimepiece LA sweatpants, or her orange boucle cropped jacket that caught attention, but another statement piece: her T-Mobile flip phone. Months later, Anna Wintour was seen T9ingcourtside at the US Open. After a trip to Tokyo, Kim Kardashian sported a hot pink Ferrari-branded flip phone. The fashion world laid its claim on personal technology long ago, and now brings back the simplicity of aughts-era tech with the same ease it does low-rise jeans and baby tees. In 2020, the rest of the world is catching up—in the form of the newly re-released Motorola Razr, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The Motorola Razr may have been the first mobile phone to define itself as a fashion statement; it was, in its original form, a cult classic: Paris Hilton famously sported hers like a Birkin bag at the 2004 Academy Awards. It was the gift basket item that claimed the attention of every A-lister in Hollywood. It showed up courtside at Wimbledon, in the hands of the recently retired Maria Sharapova. Both David and Victoria Beckham had one, and soon, so did everyone else—Mischa Barton, your high school best friend. Had the designer phone eclipsed the designer handbag? Motorola levied the Razr’s fashion status by working directly with designers to remix the colorful clamshell design. A collaboration with Kimora Lee Simmons resulted in the Baby Phat i833, a baby pink version that was quilted and encrusted with 0.4-carat diamonds. “The new, limited edition Baby Phat i833 phone by Motorola is actually like a piece of jewelry,” Simmons said at the time.

That slim, sleek flip-phone’s fashion adjacency catalysed years of collaborations between mobile phone makers and designers. There was the limited edition partnership with Dolce & Gabbana, to make the gold-plated V3i; in 2005, Donatella Versace lent her name to the all-gold Nokia 7270—it came with a Swarovski crystal hand strap. In 2007, Prada designed a limited edition LG phone, the first mobile with a full-size touchscreen display. It was slated to revolutionize phone design, to become the hottest release of the year. (It was not. A few weeks later, Apple debuted the iPhone.) The following year, Samsung tapped Armani to design its take on a luxury touchscreen. The pinnacle was unquestionably the Diorphone, a clamshell design by Christian Dior, featuring crocodile skin and 640 Swarovski crystals. It retailed for $26,000.

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2014 年,狗仔队在一个吃完晚餐出来的的路上,抓住了 Rihanna,引起人们注意的并不是她的Dimepiece

LA运动裤,也不是她的橙色高腰夹克,而是另一个物品:她的T-Mobile翻盖手机。几个月后,Anna Wintour

在美国公开赛上拿出了 T9ingcourtside。东京旅行后,Kim Kardashian 拿着法拉利的粉红色翻盖手机。

时尚界早就宣称对个人技术的要求,如今,它与低腰牛仔裤和婴儿 T恤一样轻松地带回了Oets 时代的技

术的简便性。到 2020 年,全球其他地区都将迎头赶上,包括新发布的摩托罗拉 Razr 和三星 Galaxy Z Flip。

摩托罗拉 Razr 可能是第一款将自己定义为时尚宣言的手机。它的原始形式是一个受人尊敬的经典:Paris

Hilton 在 2004 年奥斯卡金像奖颁奖典礼上拿的 Birkin 手提袋。礼品篮引起了好莱坞每位A-lister 的关注。

它出现在温布尔登网球场上,由最近退休的Maria Sharapova掌控。David Beckham和Victoria Beckham

都拥有一个,不久以后,其他所有人也都拥有了-包括Mischa Barton,你高中最好的朋友。设计师手机使

设计师手袋黯然失色吗?摩托罗拉直接与设计师合作,重新混合了多彩的翻盖设计,从而提高了Razr 的时

尚地位。与 Kimora Lee Simmons 的合作产生了 Baby Phat i833,这是一款浅粉红色版本,并镶有 0.4

克拉的钻石。Simmons 说:“摩托罗拉推出的限量新版 Baby Phat i833 手机实际上就像一件珠宝。”


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