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Big Tech is Infiltrating Fashion Week(Vogue Business)

NEW YORK — Tech giants are making their presence known during fashion month, marking a shift in power around who funds, and benefits from, the runway.

This season, payment services company Klarna is sponsoring a set of fashion presentations at New York Fashion Week that lets customers purchase items from collections on payment plans. Thom Browne will debut a rebranded Samsung Galaxy phone in partnership with the South Korean tech giant. Last season, Google appeared during the runway return of Jennifer Lopez’s Versace dress, one of the season’s most viral moments, to promote a few of its products. Amazon Prime served as the exclusive streaming and e-commerce partner for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty lingerie show. Alibaba, meanwhile, facilitated three “China Cool” runway platforms in New York, Milan and Paris in an effort to spotlight Chinese designers.

Tech companies aren’t entirely new to fashion month — Samsung and Intel have been long-standing partners, for example — but visibility is increasing, and relationships are deepening as fashion and tech become more intertwined. The rising ubiquity of tech companies at fashion shows underscores a mutually beneficial partnership across both industries, through which tech companies can earn brand cachet and facetime with business and consumer clients, and fashion brands can milk tech’s data and toolsets.

“The brands that will be successful are those that not only partner with these companies for fashion show gimmicks but truly leverage their expertise for the digital transformation of their businesses,” says Launchmetrics chief marketing officer Alison Bringé.

The new status quo

For years, automotive and airline brands typically backed fashion shows with sponsorships, a partnership formed from the understanding that luxury fashion’s audience overlaps with that of luxury cars and travel. Although companies like Mercedes-Benz continue to sponsor fashion weeks in cities like Moscow, Berlin and Tbilisi, the overall fashion landscape has been democratised, and modern luxury shoppers might be more likely to take an Uber (itself a frequent fashion week sponsor) than purchase a new four-door coupe, according to Ana Andjelic, marketing executive and doctor of sociology.

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科技巨头正在渗透时装周(Vogue Business)


这一季,支付服务公司 Klarna 在纽约时装周上赞助了一系列时装发布会,客户可以在支付计划中的系列中

购买商品。Thom Browne 将与韩国科技巨头合作,首次推出全新打造的三星 Galaxy 手机。上一季,谷歌

出现在 Jennifer Lopez 身穿 Versace 裙子的返场秀上,以推广其一些产品,这是该季最有话题的时刻之

一。 Amazon Prime 是 Rihanna 的 Savage x Fenty 女用贴身内衣裤秀的独家流媒体和电子商务合作伙

伴。同时,阿里巴巴在纽约、米兰和巴黎建立了三个“ China Cool”秀场平台,以吸引中国设计师。





Launchmetrics 首席营销官 Alison Bringé 表示:“成功的品牌不仅是与这些公司合作的时装秀,而且是





斯这样的城市赞助时装周,但整体时尚格局已经民主化,现代奢侈品购物者可能更愿意搭乘 Uber(本身是

时装周的频繁赞助商)而不是买一款新型的四门轿跑车,市场主管兼社会学博士 Ana Andjelic 表示。

原文 Vogue Business

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