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Nike introduced the Vaporfly range back in 2016. The timings for long-distance runners reduced after the launch. The record set by Paula Radcliffe 16 years previously was beaten by Brigid Kosgei last year. The new record of 2:14:04 reduced Radcliffe’s record by over a minute.

Eliud Kipchoge wore the prototype of Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% and won the marathon with a timing of 1:59:40 in Vienna’s edition last October. A version of the same will be launched in summer 2020. The features of the shoe make it look like it has been created for a sci-fi cinema. The forefoot cushioning and thick foam sole has helped long distance runners reduce their time. The hardcore running purists have objected the launch of the shoe stating it will disturb the integrity of the sport. Nike has marketed the shoe calling it a game-changer. Runners have stated one needs to keep up with the technology.

World Athletics reviewing the range of major brands for running shoes approved the Vaporfly range. The committee did ban shoes with more than one plate and soles over 40mm thickness. These features generally boost the spring of the runners.

The full article read on the Industry Global News 24

Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%将于 2020 年发售(Industry Global

News 24)

耐克于 2016 年推出了 Vaporfly 系列。发布后,长跑运动员的时间缩短了。 Paula Radcliffe 在 16 年前

创造的纪录在去年被 Brigid Kosgei 打破。 2:14:04 的新记录超过 Radcliffe 的记录一分钟。

Eliud Kipchoge 穿着 Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%的原型,并于去年 10 月在维也纳版的比赛中以

1:59:40 的时间赢得了马拉松比赛。 这款鞋的版本将于 2020 年夏季推出。这款鞋的功能使其看起来像是

为科幻电影而设计的。 前脚的缓震和厚实的泡沫鞋底帮助长跑运动员缩短了时间。 顽固的跑步纯粹主义

者已反对推出这款鞋,声称它将破坏这项运动的完整性。 耐克已经宣传了这款鞋,称其为改变游戏规则

的鞋。 跑步者已经表明需要跟上这项技术。

世界田径运动会(World Athletics)审查了跑鞋的主要品牌范围,并批准了 Vaporfly 系列。 该委员会

的确禁止使用不只一块板且鞋底厚度超过 40mm 的鞋子。 这些功能通常会增强跑步者的弹性。

原文 Industry Global News 24

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