Solos Smart Glasses: Wellbeing & Fashion Styles All in One(Cision)

Solos® is a tech start-up spun off from Kopin Corporation, a US-based listed corporation which develops and provides technologies and solutions that enhance the visual, verbal, audio, and head‐gesture command capabilities of wearable headset products.

A pair of temples is interchangeable to various styles of FASHION

Designed by Solos' engineers, the Lego-like temples allow you to flexibly change different eyewear frames. Simply speaking, if you own one pair of solso® smart temples, you can change different styles and sizes of glasses frames.

AirGo™ Mobile App for Digital Wellbeing

Solos® aims at integrating all surprising functions such as digital health tracking, audio entertainment and personal assistance into one eyewear by the aid of our in-house developed mobile app, making your smart glasses more essential to your daily life.

AirGo™ Mobile App -- Your Fitness Coach

Solos® AirGo™ is a free mobile app designed to help Solos® smart glasses' users benefit from an increasing feeling of well-being. You can get guidance and motivation with Solos AirGo™ to build healthy habits that help you to achieve your targeted fitness goals. Furthermore, Solos AirGo™ is also your personal audio assistant.

Solos AirGo™ App is consisted of 2 major interfaces: AI COACH & AI CARE.


  • EXECRISE helps track your all-day fitness activity -- distance, current pacing, moving time, step count and heart rate, also automatically calculates your current stride, current cadence and left-right balance based on certain factors.

  • POSTURE TRAINING helps you to maintain in proper posture to keep your head straight during running, reducing the chance of causing neck, shoulders and back pain.

  • CADENCE TRAINING helps to train yourself to run at your optimal cadence in order to reduce over-striding and decrease the impact forces on your muscles and bones, minimizing the risk of injury.


  • POSTURE MONITOR helps monitor your posture and remind you to stay with good one and do certain exercises from the level of "Easy" to "Expert".

  • POSTURE EXERCISE allows you to do some posture-related exercise i.e. head nod up-and-down, head turn left-and-right, head tilt left-and-right.

  • STRETCH EXERCISE is a posture technique helping to improve your muscle flexibility and range of motion.

  • SQUAT is designed in this app as an advanced workout for helping the users to build muscle, improve flexibility and maintain balance.

  • DRINK WATER REMINDER allows you to set recurrent reminders for keeping you the intake of enough water daily.

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