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H&M to Launch Dress Made From Recycled Clothes(

Swedish fashion house, H&M will become the first fashion retailer to unveil a new fashion collection that features Circulose®.

Their “Spring Summer 2020 Conscious Exclusive” collection will launch on 26th March and feature their debut jacquard weave day dress made of 50% Circulose which is recycled using cotton jeans, and 50% FSC-certified wood.

As an addition to their eco-friendly line, their blue ruffled dress will go on sale at 100 of their stores globally and online for £99.00

H&M are one the world’s leading fashion retailers to promote sustainable fashion and this dress is seen as a major breakthrough with the dress being constructed using recycled clothes.

Patrik Lundström who is Chief Executive Officer of re:newcell which makes Circulose believes this is a major milestone for fashion.

It will be the first-time shoppers can walk into a store or shop on-line and purchase clothing made from Circulose which he says is the world’s most sustainable fashion material.

This sustainable innovation as a joint venture with the H&M Group consolidates their belief and commitment to their sustainable fashion sustainability agenda.

Through its patented process, re:newcell alters used clothes such as cotton and viscose that contain lots of cellulose and turn it into Circulose. This is a 100% recycled and natural biodegradable material that allows for the production of clothing without compromising on quality.

Thus process curtails the dependence use of virgin cotton, oil and forests. It reduces the reliance of water, fewer chemicals, and also removes 2 kg CO2e from the atmosphere per kg of textile fibre produced, compared to conventional textiles.

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