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The 5 Women in Fashion Tech To Watch in 2020 and Beyond(FashNerd)

“Please don’t characterize the strength that I bring to this meeting,” said the leader of House Democrats Nancy Pelosi to President Trump. These fighting words have become the mantra for many women who are aspiring to inspire in 2020. Of the broad and deep pool of talented females in fashion tech, not all of them are visible, so we have decided to sidestep the usual suspects who always appear on everyone’s “ones to watch” list, and instead, bring attention to five women who we will be keeping an eye on this year.

Anna Salewski: The Woman Driving A New Generation of Retail 5.0

We connected with Anna last year after she returned from Lisbon/WebSummit 2019. She told us that she had invented a comprehensive first mobile user-product interaction technology for retail, called SCROBLE.

Asking her to elaborate, she explained: “SCROBLE technology changes the entire world of shopping as we know it; helping brands to improve overall performance and let users enjoying ultimate shopping convenience”. She continued: “SCROBLE, let’s disappear any borders between offline/online shopping in a straightforward way for both users and brands by introducing product-related mobile digital user experience within city retail”.

So imagine being able to interact with your phone in the store far more than you have ever been able to interact with your computer at home. SCROBLE makes it possible to combine digital and physical realities creating a universe of unimaginable possibilities! “Anyone can use SCROBLE technology and every brand delivering unique values available anywhere anytime to its customers as a mobile technology”, Anna told FashNerd.

The startup has already completed tests for core features; the next step is to work with small local fashion brands so they can start multi-brand trials so they can receive first unique data chains. Anna shared: “To make it happen, we use the best available advanced technologies and AI. We have a new web page with a clear description of value proposition together with a video introducing the whole universe of SCROBLE.”

Laura Šilinska: The Self-proclaimed Material Nerd

Laura Šilinska is the founder and designer of senscommon, a minimalist lifestyle apparel label based in Amsterdam. Driven to enhance everyday living through innovative textiles and a pragmatic approach, Laura has been busy crafting future archetypes in close collaboration with sustainably, forward-thinking partners.

The self-proclaimed material nerd, Laura told FashNerd: “We start at the material level and build our brand from there – source by source, fibre by fibre. We research the tactile and functional qualities of old and new and yet-to-be-made textiles and let their performance naturally indicate their best use in the context of urban living”.

With a passion for researching solutions like self-cleansing textiles that she uses in her products, Laura believes the future of fashion lies in smart textiles and that “innovation doesn’t always require lasers and computer science when the smartest scientist among us is nature itself“.

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