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The Who's Who of FashionTech Industry (Elucid)

Fashion Technology in the present world has emerged as a collaborative stream that introduces the intersection of design, fashion, science, and tech in order to create a user experience. Creation of fashion tech varies from self-expression to applicability and are interrelated, be it design, retail, product or communication. From craft to industrial production thereby improving each process and making them quicker and efficient than earlier.

This list focuses on leading personalities in fashion tech from USA, who are an inspiration for others and are helping build the global Fashion Tech community.

Caroline Farley

Caroline is the Chief growth Officer for Shoptalk and Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer for Groceryshop. She delivers innovative products and customized activations. Her unwavering commitment towards achieving success for her clients makes her a real re-inventor of traditional industries and an engineer of meaningful partnerships.

Sylvia Heisel

Sylvia is the creative director of Heisel brand that deals in experiential fashion and creates interactive clothes. The brand partners with artists and businesses for building up installations that expose and engage the interconnected future of fashion, tech, sustainability and 3D printing.

Celine Semaan Vernon

Celine Semaan is CEO Creative Director of Slow Factory and The Library: Sustainable Fashion Archive. She has a background in user-experience design, information architecture and multi-media art and the Library is dedicated to improving sustainability literacy in fashion. It uses a wholistic, human-centered approach and bridges science, human rights, technology, fashion & culture to develop products, resources and certifications for industry and consumers.

Nataliya Makulova

As the founder of Conscious Fashion Tech Consultant & Business Coach, Nataliya is helping fashion brands and tech startups to build more impactful businesses and is working towards building a community of professionals who care about the environment and value the power of authentic connection and business practices.

Michael Reidbord

Having built companies in the U.S., Asia, Latin America, and Europe; Michael is involved in numerous start-up successes within the technology and consumer products sectors. He has developed a wearable technology business for MediaTek and has gained accolades for being the Chief Operating Officer of Kloog, Inc., an IoT and wearables enabling platform acquired by Facebook.

Alexis Walsh

As an artist and designer based in New York City, Alexis focuses on wearable design with integration of sculptural forms and utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to fabrication. Her work involves treating human body as canvas and her exploration of technologies including 3D printing and digital modeling transcends traditional modes of fashion to push the realms of wearable art.

Clare Tattersall

The founder and CEO of ThunderLily and FashionTech.Design, Clare is dedicated to transforming the fashion industry to make the world a better place through processes that will reduce waste and more. She is also a designer who has an amazing insight about the Math and Technology of fashion.

Richa Agarwal

As a committed social entrepreneur, Richa Agarwal aims to fuse her design and engineering background to catalyze cultural change which measures business value by a triple-bottom line benefitting all stakeholders. She has worked at the intersection of the global apparel industry, education and human development and has led global teams for various organizations that include fashion companies, international NGOs and foundations.

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman

She is the founder of the Interwoven Design Group, where she combines her expertise in wearable technology and smart textiles. She is an expert in designing wearable technology, functional apparel and soft goods with smart textiles and is known as one of the WoW women in fashion tech. She also holds an expertise of developing proprietary performance textiles that has led to growth of love for functional and smart textiles.

Catherine Barba Chiaramonti

She is the founder of PEPS Lab which is a retail innovation lab offering guidance to brands and retailers. She is working hard to push diversity and inclusion through her civil and social organization –WIN forum NY.

Bridget Anderson

She is the Deputy Commissioner for Recycling and Sustainability of DSNY and a passionate advocate for sustainable solid waste management practices. She has led the city’s residential organics collection pilot and has successfully expanded the program to serve 250,000 New Yorkers in 100,000 households in all five boroughs.

Caroline Priebe

She hones an honest approach to design grounded in ethical sourcing and low-impact manufacturing. She is well-versed across all aspects of production and consults for a number of brands in sustainable development, from concept-to-production, source to afterlife.

Tara St James

She is an eco-friendly designer creating sharp, utilitarian and thoughtfully effortless designs. A fashionista with a conscience, she is half-business woman, half-designer and all purpose. The New York fashion world is receiving ethically –sourced material, ethical production practices and consumer transparency through her efforts.

Amy Newton

She is the head of partnerships at Amazon Advertising and a contemporary womenswear designer. She is responsible for building media partnerships with some of the largest clothing, jewelery and accessories companies in the U.S. and has a focus in developing leading brand and e-Commerce media strategies for delivering meaningful results for clients.

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FashionTech 行业名人录(Elucid)






Caroline Farley

Caroline 是 Shoptalk 的首席增长官,Groceryshop 的联合创始人兼首席增长官。她提供创新产品和定制


Sylvia Heisel

Sylvia 是海塞尔品牌(Heisel)的创意总监,该品牌以体验性方式经营并创造互动服装。该品牌与艺术家

和企业合作,共同打造装置,以展示并参与时尚,技术,可持续性和 3D 打印的互联未来。

Celine Semaan Vernon

Celine Semaan 是 Slow Factory 和 The Library:Sustainable Fashion Archive 的首席执行官创意总监。

她拥有用户体验设计,信息架构和多媒体艺术的背景,The Library 致力于提高时尚界对可持续发展的素



Nataliya Makulova

作为 Conscious Fashion Tech Consultant&Business Coach 的创始人,Nataliya 正在帮助时装品牌和



Michael Reidbord

在美国,亚洲,拉丁美洲和欧洲建立了公司; Michael 参与了技术和消费产品领域的众多创业成功。他为

联发科技开发了可穿戴技术业务,并因被 Facebook 收购的物联网和可穿戴设备支持平台 Kloog,Inc.的


Alexis Walsh

作为纽约市的艺术家和设计师,Alexis 致力于可穿戴设计与雕塑形式的整合,并采用跨学科的制造方法。

她的工作涉及将人体当作画布,她对 3D 打印和数字建模等技术的探索超越了传统的时尚模式,从而推动


Clare Tattersall

Clare 是 ThunderLily 和 FashionTech.Design 的创始人兼首席执行官,致力于通过减少浪费和更多浪费


Clare Tattersall

作为一名坚定的社会企业家,Richia Agarwal 致力于融合她的设计和工程背景,以促进文化变革,从而通过使所有利益相关者受益的三重底线来衡量商业价值。她曾在全球服装行业,教育和人类发展的交汇处工作,并领导了包括时装公司,国际非政府组织和基金会在内的各种组织的全球团队。

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman她是 Interwoven Design Group 的创始人,在这里她将自己在可穿戴技术和智能纺织品方面的专业知识相结合。她是利用智能纺织品设计可穿戴技术,功能性服装和柔软服装的专家,并且被誉为时尚技术领域的“魔兽世界”女性之一。她还拥有开发专有功能纺织品的专业知识,这激发了人们对功能性和智能纺织品的热爱。

Catherine Barba Chiaramonti她是 PEPS Lab 的创始人,PEPS Lab 是一个零售创新实验室,为品牌和零售商提供指导。她正在努力通过自己的公民和社会组织–纽约论坛(WIN Forum)推动多元化和包容性。

Bridget Anderson她是 DSNY 的回收与可持续发展副专员,并且是可持续固体废物管理实践的热情倡导者。她领导了该市的住宅有机物收集试点工作,并成功地扩展了该计划,为五个行政区的 100,000 个家庭的 25 万纽约人提供服务。

Caroline Priebe她以道德采购和低影响力制造为基础,形成一种诚实的设计方法。她精通生产的各个方面,并为从概念到生产的各种可持续发展品牌咨询。

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