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European Fashion Brand Releases Vegan Down Jacket Made From Flowers And Recycled Plastic(TotallyVega

Fashion brand Pangaia has released a capsule collection of puffer jackets stuffed with wildflowers instead of geese feathers.

Eco-friendly apparel brand Pangaia is known to use seaweed fiber, natural dyes made from plants, fruits and vegetables, flower down, and recycled materials to create high-end modern products in order to make its label as sustainable as possible.

It took the company over 10 years of laboratory research to make the vegan material- FLWRDWN- a trademarked, cruelty-free alternative to goose and duck feathers.

Pangaia has used a blend of natural wild flowers, a biopolymer and aerogel to create the warm, fluffy, certified hypoallergenic, durable, breathable, and 100% biodegradable winter jacket.

Speaking on the sustainability of using wildflowers for the down, the brand stated: “The wild flowers we source are from areas which contribute to habitat restoration, whilst helping to conserve a species of local butterflies.

“This kind of regenerative agriculture results in a reduction of greenhouse gas production (12 tons of CO2 per hectare of plant material). The method also helps to preserve groundwater, as it doesn’t require irrigation.”

“It’s great to recycle bottles and get them out of the oceans, but the problem with turning them into textiles is that they still give off microplastics [in your laundry],” explained Parkes

“That’s why we try to avoid them in our products, but there are a lot of things that we don’t have a good industry solution for yet.”

The full article read on the Totally Vegan Buzz



时装品牌 Pangaia 发布了胶囊系列,该系列为野花而不是鹅毛填充的蓬松外套。

环保服装品牌 Pangaia 以使用海藻纤维,由植物、水果和蔬菜制成的天然染料,花绒和可回收材料制造高


公司花了超过 10年的实验室研究时间,将纯素食材料 FLWRDWN作为鹅毛和鸭毛的零残酷替代品。

Pangaia 已使用天然野花、生物聚合物和气凝胶的混合物制成温暖、蓬松,经过认证的低变应原,耐用,

透气和 100%可生物降解的冬季夹克。



“这种可再生农业导致温室气体产量减少(每公顷植物材料 12 吨二氧化碳)。这种方法还有助于保护地


Parkes 解释说:“回收瓶子并将其从海洋中带走是很棒的,但是将它们变成纺织品的问题在于,它们仍然



The full article read on the Totally Vegan Buzz

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