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ASOS Pledges to New Plastics Economy(ECOTEXTILE)

LONDON – Fashion brand ASOS has become a signatory of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, an initiative which vies to create a circular economy for plastics in circulation.

The project’s focus is three-fold; focusing on eradicating ‘unnecessary’ plastic items, innovating to ensure products are recyclable and reusable, and keeping products in use out of landfills.

These commitments are said to align well with work that ASOS has already completed on its plastic mailing bags, which are 100 per cent recyclable and made from 25 per cent recycled material, transitioning to 65 per cent in 2020. This will be the basis for expansive efforts in the fight against plastic pollution.

ASOS has established four commitments following its pledge to the Global Commitment. First of all, the brand will take action to eliminate ‘problematic or unnecessary’ plastic packaging by 2025, with 50 per cent of its own brand packaging to be removed comparative to its 2018 baseline.

Next year, the fashion firm will start a new reusable packaging trial for an alternative it has spent the past year developing. This, it’s hoped, will assist its next target of moving from single-use packaging to reusable alternatives by 2025.

The full article read on the Ecotextile


伦敦–时尚品牌 ASOS 已成为 Ellen MacArthur Foundation 的《新塑料经济全球承诺》的签署人,该倡




据说这些承诺与ASOS在其塑料快递袋上已经完成的工作非常吻合,这些塑料袋可 100%回收,并由 25%

的回收材料制成,到 2020年将转变为 65%。这将成为扩大生产的基础努力打击塑料污染。

在对全球承诺作出承诺之后,ASOS 已制定了四项承诺。首先,该品牌将采取行动,到 2025 年消除“有

问题或不必要的”塑料包装,与 2018年的基准相比,将削减其自有品牌包装的 50%。


这将有助于其下一个目标,即到 2025年从一次性包装转变为可重复使用的替代品。

The full article read on the Ecotextile


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