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Amour Sui Winter 2019 Inaugural Launch

The Functional Capsule Collection To Protect and Empower Women At Work

AmorSui is the first professional apparel line with a mission to protect and empower female

scientists, addressing the gap of size-inclusive functional protective gear for women. Their

garments combine fashion and function in a way that fits the needs of female scientists.

AmorSui creates functional and professional injury-prevention clothing that is antimicrobial,

chemical, and fire-resistant for women.

Inspired by an unexpected chemical spill accident, AmorSui was designed collaboratively by

women scientists and fashion designers to fit the dynamic lives of women in STEM. Created to

empower women both in and out of the lab, each piece offers protection and comfort while

adhering to classic professional aesthetics. The AmorSui woman is fierce, sophisticated, and

competent. She asks big questions, with groundbreaking results. She is taking on the world…

and making a difference.

AmorSui garments are the first and best of their kind, resulting from collective insights from

over a hundred female scientists and the thoughtful designs of a group of Philadelphia fashion


All pieces are:

1) Protective- made of fabrics that are safety certified to be chemical, fire-resistant,

antimicrobial, or stain-resistant;

2) Comfortable- a combination of woven and knit fabrics provides flexibility and comfort

for everyday wear;

3) Functional- classic fits and designs that allow women scientists to seamlessly transition

from the bench to the boardroom, or to an interview or a night on the town after work;

For the past year, we have listened to customer feedback and incorporated their comments to

update our pieces to be more functional. Today, we are excited to announce our Chimie line

Capsule collection featuring your most loved pieces like the soft and tailored fire-resistant

Marie Curie dress and Rosalind Franklin pants, but with added pockets to increase the usability

of our clothing. In addition, to meet the industry safety standard and keep our customers, the

women in STEM, safe at work, we refreshed all of our garments with inherent protective,

antimicrobial, and wrinkle resistant fabrics that are meant to last for the lifetime of the

garments, no matter how many times you wash them.

For every item bought during the sale of the collection, a portion of the sales will go towards

supporting AmorSui’s growing team of 90% women designers, scientists, and freelancers, and a

garment manufacturer run by a woman entrepreneur and seamstresses.

The Chimie Capsule Collection will be available on AmorSui’s online shop at To ensure the capsule collection is as accessible and

inclusive as possible, Afterpay options are available on AmorSui’s shop to allow customers to

pay for their purchase in four equal interest-free installments.

Beau Wangtrakuldee, PhD, the Founder and CEO of AmorSui, dedicated herself to finding a

laboratory safety solution for female scientists after suffering a chemical burn from a lab spill

four years ago. A chemical spill injured her, despite the fact that she was fully clothed with a lab

coat on.

“People don’t think about accident prevention until something goes wrong. 63% of lab injuries

result from thermal burns, and most serious injuries and deaths in the lab occur from thermal

burns from chemical explosions. However, only 29 % of PPE is designed for women. AmorSui

wants to change that by making sure that every female scientist is protected when the worst

happens while keeping her looking beautiful,”

Lele Tran, Lead Fashion Designer for AmorSui, comments: “…[we]…keep it simple and classy.

It’s wonderful to know that there are a lot of women who are working in the lab that are

scientists and want to look fashionable in the lab.”

Melissa Ludwig, Retail and Merchandising Advisor for AmorSui, comments: “Beau has come

up with a solution to a real problem. It became very obvious that there was a need for this

business to evolve.”

Amour Sui 2019 冬季首秀

Amor Sui 是第一条专业服装系列,其使命是保护和增强女科学家的力量,从而解决了包括各个尺寸的女


Amor Sui 生产功能性且专业的防伤害服装,该服装对女性具有抗菌、化学和防火作用。

受意外化学泄漏事故的启发,Amor Sui 由女科学家和时装设计师共同设计,以适应 STEM 中女性的动态


Sui 女性强大、老练且能干。她会提出重要问题,并取得开创性的成果。她正在改变世界……并有所作为。

Amor Sui 服装是同类产品中最好的,这是来自一百多位女科学家的集体见解以及费城时装设计师团队经








天,我们很高兴宣布我们的 Chimie 系列

这个系列有你最喜欢的单品,例如柔软、量身定制的耐火Marie Curie 连衣裙和Rosalind Franklin 裤子,




在出售该系列期间,每购买一件商品,一部分销售额将用于支持Amor Sui 不断增长的团队,该团队由 90%


Chimie 胶囊系列将在Amor Sui 的在线商店上提供,网址为:。为了确保该系列尽可能地容易获得和包容,Amor Sui 的商店提供

了After pay 选项,使客户可以分四次等额的无息分期付款。

四年前,AmorSui 的创始人兼首席执行官 Beau Wangtrakuldee 博士致力于为女性科学家寻找一种实验



“除非出现问题,否则人们不会考虑事故预防。 63%的实验室伤害是由热灼伤造成的,而实验室中最严

重的伤亡事故是化学爆炸造成的热灼伤。但是,只有 29%的个人防护装备是为女性设计的。 Amor Sui希望通过确保每位女科学家在最坏的情况下都受到保护并保持美丽的外观来改变这一现状,”Amor Sui 的首席时装设计师 Lele Tran 评论:“…[我们]…保持简洁和优雅。很高兴知道实验室里有很多女性科学家,她们想在实验室里看起来时髦。”Amor Sui 零售和商品顾问Melissa Ludwig 表示:“ Beau 提出了解决实际问题的解决方案。很明显,这项业务需要发展。”

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