Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Fashion Tech Gifts That Are Stylish And Useful(FORBES)

Fashion tech products are entering a new level of style sophistication and seamless user experience. While not yet at Captain Marvel level, the cross between wearable fashion and tech can be a thoughtful holiday gift for those seeking to upgrade the most basic fashion accessories. The following 10 fashion tech products are ideal for the person in your life who enjoys fashion and function.


Bose Frames - Audio Sunglasses - $199.95

These sunglasses which come in either angular or round lenses are designed for the music lover on the go. Not only do these come in two distinct frames that can fit most faces, they provide an enjoyable personal listening experience. The technology makes it so that only the wearer can hear the rich Bose quality sound. Made out of nylon and metal, its strength makes it a durable gift. Concerned about the lenses? They also provide UV protection.

Focal Glasses - Starting at $599