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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Fashion Tech Gifts That Are Stylish And Useful(FORBES)

Fashion tech products are entering a new level of style sophistication and seamless user experience. While not yet at Captain Marvel level, the cross between wearable fashion and tech can be a thoughtful holiday gift for those seeking to upgrade the most basic fashion accessories. The following 10 fashion tech products are ideal for the person in your life who enjoys fashion and function.


Bose Frames - Audio Sunglasses - $199.95

These sunglasses which come in either angular or round lenses are designed for the music lover on the go. Not only do these come in two distinct frames that can fit most faces, they provide an enjoyable personal listening experience. The technology makes it so that only the wearer can hear the rich Bose quality sound. Made out of nylon and metal, its strength makes it a durable gift. Concerned about the lenses? They also provide UV protection.

Focal Glasses - Starting at $599

While there aren’t many smart glasses on the market, Focals is one of the best looking that doesn’t make you look like you stepped out of a 90’s sitcom. With a continual heads up display which keeps you looking up and not down at your phone, it provides freedom from glancing at your phone for hours. The customized notification set by the wearer can only be seen by them in their right lens. These glasses can either be prescription or non prescription and the lenses are scratch-resistance, and have UV protection.


Motiv Ring - $199.99

Not a smart watch fan but still want to monitor your fitness? This ring provides health tracking capability while coming in Rose Gold, Silver, and Black tones. It boasts a three day battery life and monitors steps, distance, heart rate, activity, calories burned, and sleep. Compatible with both iPhones and Androids, this ring is ideal for the fashion minimalist.

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节日送礼指南: 10 款时尚科技礼物既时髦又实用(FORBES)

时尚科技产品正在进入新的层面,即全新的风格复杂程度和无缝的用户体验水平。 虽然尚未达到神奇女侠


熟虑的节日礼物。 以下 10 种时尚科技产品非常适合你身边喜欢时尚和功能的人。


Bose Frames-音频太阳镜-199.95 美元

这款太阳镜带有斜角或圆形镜片,是为旅途中的音乐爱好者设计的。 这款不仅有适合大多数脸型的两个截

然不同的框架,而且还提供了令人愉悦的个人聆听体验。该技术使只有佩戴者才能听到丰富的 Bose 音质。

由尼龙和金属制成,其强度使其成为耐用的礼物。 担心镜片? 它们还提供紫外线防护。

Focal Glasses - 599 美元起

尽管市场上智能眼镜并不多,但 Focals 是外观最好的眼镜之一,不会让你看起来像是从 90 年代情景喜剧

中走出来的一样。 借助连续抬头显示器,你可以一直保持平视而不用向下看手机,从而可以避免长时间看

手机。 佩戴者设置的自定义通知只能在他们的右镜片中看到。 这些眼镜可以是处方眼镜,也可以是非处



Motiv Ring-199.99 美元

不是智能手表爱好者,但仍想监视自己的身体状况? 这枚戒指有玫瑰金、银色和黑色,可提供健康追踪功


iPhone 和 Android 兼容,非常适合极简时尚。

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