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Sweater Season Is Here, Featuring Benetton

photo by Tech Loves Style

This post is sponsored by Benetton.

One of my favorite Italian brands, United Colors of Benetton, just relaunched in the United States. We love this brand for its non-boring style, vibrant colors, and interesting silhouette.

United Colors are all the colors of the skin, all the colors, and manifestations of our world, where there is happiness, grief, birth, death, love, and war. United Colors of Benetton is an Italian clothing brand whose advertising prints, without exaggeration, have changed the world of communications. For more than twenty years, they have been disturbing our minds, forcing us to think about pressing problems.



This is a men's logo printed sweater, but I wear it like a dress. I have an obsession with oversized outfits for the cold weather because they can keep me as warm as I need. I think it's great for walks on warm evenings. The sweater sits freely on the body and with showing the legs it also gives the look a sexy vibe. The other sexy way to wear sweaters is to wear them with one shoulder down.(Guys like that. :P)

Shop the Men's sweater: United Colors of Benetton





Turtleneck pieces are usually very comfortable to wear in winter. But how you style them shows the different personalities you have. It can be warm & casual or edgy & stylish. In the second outfit, I put on a hot pink turtleneck sweater matches with a pair of black leather pants. I am the person who has a strong personality so I think the hot pink color shouts out loudly with it. A pair of well-fitted skinny leather pants is always a good tool to show a bit of sexiness if you feel like it. It just never disappoints me.

Shop the turtleneck sweater: United Colors of Benetton

Shop the leather trousers: United Colors of Benetton




Thanks for reading! Happy shopping! I love you and see you the next one!

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