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Maggie Marilyn’s New Sustainable Basics Are Fully Recyclable—So You’ll Never Throw Out an Old T-Shir

If Maggie Marilyn isn’t satisfied with her sustainability efforts yet, then two things must be true. First, that virtually every designer is miles behind (because who has more ambitious goals than Marilyn?), and second, that for all of her progress and dedication, there are bigger systems in place that simply won’t allow for certain changes. Much of it comes down to economies of sale—regardless of how great a new sustainable fiber or solution might be, it also needs to be commercially viable. The old-school, out-of-touch wholesale model is also a culprit.

Marilyn admits she’s “hit a brick wall” with certain retailers that refuse to embrace her missive: Some of them have told her sustainability simply isn’t a priority for their customer. A few e-commerce sites present her collection without mentioning the word “sustainability” at all, while others share little to no information about her organic and recycled materials, her open-source platform, or her efforts to rebuild New Zealand’s manufacturing industry. It’s only on her own website and Instagram (and in reported features like this) that Marilyn can tell you the full story and go into detail about where her merino wool comes from, why you should do less laundry (did you know the sun is a natural detergent?), the problems associated with virgin synthetics, and so on.

Not surprisingly, it’s through her direct channels that Marilyn’s customers are the most engaged. Since her 2016 launch she’s received heartfelt emails from women around the world who relate to her values, but many of them can’t justify spending $755 on a silk party dress or $1,400 on an organic wool blazer. “It really made me think about how sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be something everyone can buy into,” Marilyn says.

It sparked the idea of a new “core” collection of simple, accessibly-priced items that every woman has a purpose for: T-shirts, button-downs, sweaters, blazers. (Not all of us need a party dress more than once or twice a year, so it isn’t really worth the investment, but everyone could use a great T-shirt.) Aesthetically, Marilyn also felt she needed some minimal, no-brainer basics to ground the statement-making fashion in her main line. “I wanted pieces that would make it really easy to wear those colorful, out-there skirts or jackets, but I don’t think our customer should have to pay $300 for a T-shirt,” she explains. Her existing model would have required that, to allow room for wholesale margins. So Marilyn took a different route: She’s selling her new essentials line, titled “Somewhere,” exclusively on her website, with prices starting at $65 for an organic cotton tee. (A cotton-wool blazer tops out the range at $420, with $90 turtlenecks, $170 jeans, and $205 cardigans in between.)

At a celebratory dinner on Hester Street on Wednesday night, Marilyn made a compelling case for buying one of each: She wore the T-shirt, blazer, and jeans in head-to-toe cream. Her shoes were the same strappy heels the model wears in the lookbook here. She joked that it was probably the first time any of us had seen her not wearing neon pastels or primary hues, but she admitted there are days when she isn’t feeling pink stripes and periwinkle trousers; sometimes you just want something easy, comfy, and vaguely nostalgic: straight-leg jeans, a fine-knit sweater, and maybe a just-oversized-enough blazer to grab on your way out the door.

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Maggie Marilyn 的全新可持续发展基础款可以完全回收,从此你再也不会扔掉旧 T恤(VOGUE)

如果Maggie Marilyn 对自己的可持续发展工作还不满意,那么可以肯定两件事。首先,实际上每个设计

师都落后了几英里(因为谁能比Marilyn 更有野心?),其次,就她的所有进步和奉献精神而言,存在更



Marilyn 承认,她与某些拒绝接受她信条的零售商“碰壁”:有些人告诉她,可持续性根本不是客户的优



Marilyn 只有在自己的网站和 Instagram上(以及在类似的报道功能中)才能告诉你完整的故事,并详细



毫不奇怪,Marilyn 的客户通过她的直接渠道参与度最高。自 2016 年推出以来,她收到了来自世界各地

与她的价值观有关的女性的衷心电子邮件,但其中许多人无法证明花 755 美元购买丝绸晚礼服或 1,400 美

元购买有机羊毛西装外套是合理的。Marilyn 说:“这确实让我思考了可持续性不应该是一种奢侈,应该




每个人都可以穿一件精美的 T恤。)从美学上讲,Marilyn 还觉得她需要一些极简的,没有-精打细算的基


为我们的客户不必为一件 T恤花 300 美元。”她现有的模型都需要这样做,以便有足够的批发利润空间。

因此,Marilyn 走了一条不同的路:她在自己的网站上独家销售名为“ Somewhere”的新必需品系列,

有机棉 T恤的起价为 65美元。 (棉质外套的最高价为 420美元,还有 90美元的高领毛衣,170 美元的

牛仔裤和 205美元的开衫。)

在周三晚上Hester Street 举行的庆祝晚宴上,Marilyn 提出了令人信服的购买理由之一:她穿着 T恤,西

装外套和牛仔裤,从头到脚都是白色。她的鞋子与模特在 Lookbook 中穿着的绑带高跟鞋相同。她开玩笑




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