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Withings Steel HR Smartwatch And Wi-Fi Scale Fuses Fitness And Fashion(Women Love Tech)

Most smartwatches are high on functionality and low on looks. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch which combines both style and the benefits of a smartwatch when it comes to monitoring your health.

On the whole, smartwatches tend to be chunky by design and the face is usually on the large side to accommodate for all the features which effectively shifts the focus towards the tech-side and away from a tech fashion focus.

With the new Withings (formerly Nokia) smartwatches, you can adopt different styles thanks to a colourful range of thin straps to choose from such as blue or brown leather or raspberry silicone band. Personally, I love the grey silicone strap I’m wearing because it’s waterproof (up to 50m) and looks sophisticated.

So, how does this smartwatch do so much with its smallish clock face? Well, it’s powered by the Health Mate app which helps you track activity, compete with friends, join programs and connect with other devices and partner apps. Yes, you do get info from your watch but tracking the data and other aspects come to play via the app.

Through the Withings Health Mate app you can keep track of activity, sleep, weight, and more. You’ll see trends, progress, and get coaching to help you improve over time. For instance, if weight loss is your ultimate health goal then you’ll be able to track progress through the app and Withings smart scales (see below).

The full article read on the Woman Love Tech

Withings Steel HR 智能手表和Wi-Fi 体重计点燃健身和时尚

(Women Love Tech)

大多数智能手表功能强大但外观不够美观。 幸运的是,Withings Steel HR 混合动力智能手表并非如此,





如蓝色或棕色皮革或覆盆子色硅胶表带。 就我个人而言,我喜欢我戴的灰色硅胶表带,因为它防水(长达


那么,这款智能手表如何利用其较小的表面做很多事情呢? 它由 Health Mate 应用程序提供动力,可帮

助你跟踪活动,与朋友比赛,加入计划以及与其他设备和合作伙伴应用程序连接。 是的,你确实可以从手


通过Withings Health Mate 应用程序,你可以追踪运动,睡眠,体重等等。 你会看到趋势,进度,并获

得指导以帮助你随着时间的推移而不断改进。 例如,如果减肥是你的最终健康目标,那你您就可以通过该

应用和Withings 智能体重秤跟踪进度(请参见下文)。

The full article read on the Woman Love Tech


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