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Smart Clothing Without Coding - Fashion Tech Maker Kits(MENAFN)

(MENAFN - ABN Newswire) Berlin, July 12, 2016 ( Global Fashion Wire ) - At the Fashion Tech Berlin exhibition,360Fashion Networkdisplayed clothing and accessories made with 360Fash Tech Kits. Among the many items displayed, the " Robotic Dress Kit " stood out as a fashion maker kit for fashion designers to create their own intelligent clothing without the need to code or solder along with the "Motion Kit" enabling motion to trigger lighting. A ball gown created byMichal Starostusing the "Robotic Dress Kit" raised it's skirt and danced in a pattern with the press of a button. The Motion Dress created byRFACTORYusing the 360Fash Tech "Motion Kit", lights up when the wearer makes a large movements such as walking, but does not flash on when standing in front of someone. The dress made lightning bolt patterns down an organza gown using soft fabric LED Ribbons included in the kit.

360Fash Tech Kitsare a series of maker kits for fashion designers, with eleven different technologies to try such as the Motion Kit, Robotic Dress Kit, LED Bag Kit, Solar Power Bag Kit, Gesture Kit; each with a variety of sensors and components suitable specifically for fashion clothing and accessories that snap together. The kits are using Intel Edison and Intel Curie boards along with having IBM Bluemix cloud service integrated with Twitter Sentiment, IBM Watson, and weather api's for fashion designers to use. "Working with 360Fash Tech Kits was quite easy, enabling us to bring a future glimpse at what shape, movement, and robotics can contribute to the change of a silhouette." Says Michal Starost. "Integrating motion lighting into our dress gave us new possibilities to service our clients, with a new experience and fun. Fashion tech is the future and the 360Fash Tech Kit makes is possible for us to experiment." - CEO RFactory, Ocean. "We want to make it easy for fashion designers to concentrate on what they are good at: integration and design. Our kits make it easy for them to take their first steps into wearable technology and smart clothing product creation." Says Anina Net, CEO of 360Fashion Network.

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(MENAFN-ABN Newswire)柏林,2016 年 7月 12 日(Global Fashion Wire)-在柏林时尚科技展览

会上,360Fashion Network 展示了使用 360Fash Tech Kits 制造的服装和配饰。在展出的众多产品中,

“Robotic Dress Kit”作为服装制造商套件脱颖而出,可让时装设计师无需编码或焊接即可创建自己的智

能服装,而“Motion Kit”则可通过动作触发照明。

由Michal Starost 使用“Robotic Dress Kit”制作的舞会礼服可以在按动按钮之后将裙子提起来,然后按

固定模式起舞。 由 RFACTOR 使用 360Fash Tech“Motion Kit”创作的运动服,在穿戴者进行较大的动

作(例如行走)时会亮灯,但当站在别人面前时不会亮。 这件衣服使用套件中随附的柔软面料 LED 缎带


360Fash技术套件是为时装设计师设计的一系列制造商套件,其中包括11种不同的技术,例如Motion Kit,

Robotic Dress Kit, LED Bag Kit, Solar Power Bag Kit, Gesture Kit;每个套件都有各种传感器和组件,

这些传感器和组件特别适用于可结合在一起的时尚服装和配件。这些套件使用 Intel Edison 和 Intel Curie

板,并将 IBM Bluemix 云服务与 Twitter Sentiment,IBMWatson 和 weather api 集成在一起,供时装


“使用 360Fash 技术套件非常容易,我们能够一窥未来,看看什么形状、运动和机器人技术可以帮助改变

轮廓。” Michal Starost 说。


尚科技是未来,360Fash 科技套件使我们可以进行试验。” -RFactory 首席执行官Ocean表示。


地将第一步迈向可穿戴技术和智能服装产品的创作。” 360Fashion Network 首席执行官Anina Net 说。

Full article read on the MENAFN

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