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QWSTION's Waterproof Fabric Made From Banana Plants Wins Design Prize Switzerland 2019 (DesignBo

Swiss backpack brand QWSTION has been awarded the prestigious design prize switzerland 2019 in the textile category for bananatex® — the world’s first technical textile made from banana plant fibres. founded in 2008 by matthias graf, christian kägi, sebastian kruit, fabrice aeberhard and hannes schönegger, the zurich-based bag label is known for combining design and functionality with sustainability, as well as becoming synonymous with research and development. their array of products are versatile carry solutions for everyday use, with an understated look and a low environmental footprint.

images courtesy of QWSTION

Since its inception, QWSTION has been exploring ways to make bags from renewable resources. bananatex® is the result of this research, featuring a fabric made from organically-cultivated banana plants original from the philippine highlands. known as banana hemp or abacá, this banana tree family is sturdy and self-sufficient, requiring no pesticides or water.

Over the past three years we’ve developed bananatex®, a sleek, waterproof fabric made from 100% natural banana fibres,’ says QWSTION. ‘at once super strong and durable, yet light and flexible, the natural beeswax coating gives it a smooth, water-resistant finish and a supple hand feel. given our ultimate aim of offering a viable alternative to the synthetic fabrics that currently dominate the bag industry, we’ve developed bananatex® as an open source project, and want to encourage other brands to use it.’

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QWSTION香蕉植物制成的防水面料荣获 2019 年瑞士设计奖


瑞士背包品牌QWSTION 因其 Bananatex®(世界上第一种由香蕉植物纤维制成的技术性纺织品)而获得

了纺织品类中享有盛誉的 2019 年瑞士设计大奖。 这个创始于苏黎世的包袋品牌由 matthias graf,

christian kägi,sebastian kruit,fabric aeberhard 和 hannes schönegger 于 2008 年创立,以将设计



自成立以来,QWSTION 一直在探索用可再生资源制造包袋的方法。 bananatex®是这项研究的结果,其

特征是采用源自菲律宾高地的有机栽培香蕉植物制成的织物。这种香蕉树家族被称为 banana hemp 或


“在过去的三年中,我们开发了 bananatex®,这是一种由 100%天然香蕉纤维制成的光滑防水面料,”

QWSTION 说。 “天然蜂蜡涂层具有超强的耐用性,但又轻巧而又柔软,既光滑又防水,手感舒适。鉴



The full article read on the DesignBoom

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