Humanising Technology: Jasna Rok’s Lab Presents (RE)Connect (FashNerd)

In a world where we are more disconnected from each other, Jasna Rok Labs has developed (RE)Connect ​a unique emotional intelligent fashion technology piece that will help us not lose the sensation of the people around us.

In theory, technology should connect us more to each other, but in reality, it has been separating us. Herein lies a paradox that Jasna Rok might have solved with​ a unique emotional intelligent fashion technology piece that could help us not lose the sensation of the people around us.

Jasna Rokegem​ is the founder of Jasna Rok, a speculative design lab that works at the intersection of fashion, technology and science. Applying technology and science to fashion, she has been exploring new dimensions of human interactions and building prototypes that could help us understand ourselves and others better.

An Artist in Residence at Nokia Bell Labs, Jasna has been working on an exciting project that is focused on emotion tech, a new field that is creating new business models and applications built on human emotion. Jasna, who launched the first Fashion Tech design lab in Belgium, believes that instead of sending emojis, pictures or words, we should (Re)connect with new modes of empathic communication. What Rok means is that it is better to use an interface that offers a real-time emotional haptic layer with the ability to enhance a person and their emotional understanding of him or herself and his or her peers.

(RE)Connect, A New Way For Human’s To Communicate

(RE)Connect is a first of its kind. The emotion identifier is augmenting humans emotionally by creating new levels of empathic communication. The emotional reactive fashion piece can identify and track emotions by speech and then give real-time visual and haptic feedback to the wearer and the wearer’s environment. Jasna, who is fascinated by space and the idea of having one unique garment which becomes a living organism on its own, believes that the emotion identifier will enable humans to create more tangible connections. It will also teach them how to apply this newly gained knowledge on themselves and others.

When it comes to building deeper emotional connections between people, Jasna is humanising technology through deep engineering / scientific engagement with the arts. By doing so, she has been able to come up with the sentient garment which acts as a smart fashionable augmented skin. It is capable of enveloping its wearer with an intimate and expanded perception of himself/herself (health, emotions, thoughts), people, things, the world, and other communicating garments. All the physical senses, such as haptic and tactile interfaces are explored to create novel modes of communication.

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人性化技术:Jasna Rok Labs 推出(RE)Connect (FashNerd)

在一个彼此之间更加疏远的世界中,Jasna Rok Labs 开发了(RE)Connect-一种独特的情感智能时尚技


从理论上讲,技术应该使我们之间的联系更加紧密,但实际上,它使我们彼此分离。 Jasna Rok 有望通过


Jasna Rokegem是 Jasna Rok 的创始人,Jasna Rok 是一个设计实验室,致力于时尚、科技与科学的交

汇。 她将技术和科学应用于时尚领域,一直在探索人类互动的新维度,并构建可以帮助我们更好地了解自


Jasna 是诺基亚贝尔实验室的常驻艺术家,她一直在致力于一项激动人心的项目,该项目专注于情感技术,

这一新领域正在建立基于人类情感的新业务模型和应用程序。Jasna 在比利时建立了第一个时装技术设计




(RE)Connect 是同类产品中的第一个。情感识别器通过创建新层次的共情交流来增强人类的情感。这种


觉反馈。Jasna 着迷于太空并想要拥有一件独特的服装而一个生物能够做自己,她认为情感识别符将使人


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在建立人与人之间更深层的情感联系时,Jasna 通过与艺术的深度工程/科学互动来使技术人性化。通过这




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